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T-Shirts are on their way! no comments

So I’m working with an artist for a couple designs for t-shirts.  I am also polling on twitter, the HIGHEST price you’d be willing to buy a shirt at.  The higher the price, the less we’ll have to sell for me to break even.  I can break even for $15 a shirt if we can sell 23 of them.  Zero profit, just selling shirts. :D  https://twitter.com/agentc0re/status/676952641965064192 Go poll here!

Also I know haven’t recorded in a while.  I do plan on getting back into that habit.  I have lots of streams to edit in the mean time though and am deciding what is worth putting up now.

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Peeing in the bath 5 comments

So, today I had to pee in the bath, and I will again tomorrow morning.

I am skipping showering tonight.

How did this happen?

Today was supposed to be a good day.

I woke up and, as I was expecting a new bed so I could return my mother’s spare, I moved the bed I had been sleeping in to the spare room. I had plans, I was going to get things achieved and then sleep in an actually comfortable bed and maybe actually be refreshed for work tomorrow.

That was the plan.

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