Channel ID
Subscribe Goal
Goal Notification Message
Font Color
Goal Subscriber Counter
Channel ID:  This comes from viewing your channel page.  One of the ways to get it is to hit the "3 lines" drop down menu that is next to the YouTube Button on the left, top side of the webpage.  Another way is to click on your channel icon, click on the settings button, clicking on 'advanced' within that page.  You want the Channel ID not User ID.

Font:  Go to and chose whatever font you'd like.

Effect:  Go to
click on the link for #6 in the contents, then choose a font copy it's API Name and paste that into the box.

Goal Notification Message:  This is what you'd want to say before your actual subscriber count is displayed. IE:  "Sub Goal By Dec"

Subscribe Goal:  This is the goal you want to meet.

Lastly is to hit submit.  This should make you a URL that you can use in OBS + browser support to display and always update you and your subscribers when someone new subscribes!
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